Books I've Read During Quarantine

What is something you tried to start doing during quarantine? Maybe you tried to cook a new recipe, start a new workout routine, or take time for some self care. One of the things I tried to do during quarantine was read some new books.  I ended up reading some great ones and wanted to give you my thoughts on each of them. They are all definitely young adult based and geared towards women. 

The Wedding Date: Guillory, Jasmine: 9780399587665: Books
By: Jasmine Guillory

This was the first book I read during quarantine and it was such a sweet read. I would read this book over again because of how sweet and loving it was. If you're into sweet romantic stories that keep you turning the pages, this is for you! Alexa gets stuck in an elevator with Drew during a power outage and he asks her to be his wedding date for his best friends wedding, the next day.  She agrees and they have the best time. At the end of the weekend, Drew goes back to LA and Alexa goes back to her job at the mayor's office. They can't stop thinking about each other and end up doing long distance. They have to see if their love can stand the distance or if it will make them stronger than ever. 

By: Rachel Hollis

This was the second book I read during quarantine and it was SO refreshing. I'm not one to read self help books, but this one was so relatable that I could not put it down. She goes over a lot of misconceptions that so many women think about themselves and face daily. Some of the ones that resonated with me were "I'm not good enough", "I need to be smaller", and "I am defined by my weight". Rachel talks about how we each need to take responsibility for our own lives and our own happiness regardless of the situation. Something that sounds so simple, but something we all could use a reminder of. I can't wait to read her next book Girl, Stop Apologizing soon! The Selection (8601400293799): Cass, Kiera: Books
By: Kiera Cass

The next book I read was The Selection. It was so good I ended up reading it in a day and then read the entire series through the weekend... lol. It's only three books, but still. You follow the story of America as she competes for the heart of Prince Maxon during the selection.  Just imagine Cinderella, meets the Hunger Games but it's taking place at the Bachelor Mansion. It is SO good and such an easy read. I just read an article that said Netflix has the movie rights and is in the process of getting ready to make a movie about this series. Woohoo!! Hehe, can you tell I love this book?! Here are the other two books in the series, The Elite and The One. The Elite (The Selection) (0884232336867): Cass, Kiera ...
By: Kiera Cass The One (The Selection) (9780062060006): Cass, Kiera ...
By: Kiera Cass

I've definitely rekindled my love for reading during quarantine and will try to get you some more book suggestions soon. Let me know if you read any of these or if you get sucked into a series as much as I do, hehe. 
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