6 Months of Wedded Bliss

December 14, 2019. 

Today marks six months of being married to the absolute best man I know. These past few months have been full of so many changes- emotional, physical, and spiritual, but the one thing that has never changed is my love and appreciation for you. I woke up this morning and wrote you this letter because I wanted you to have these words with you everyday  so that you always know how much you are loved. 

Dear Micah,
Six months ago I woke up full of excitement, love, and a little bit of nerves for all that would happen that day. Today I woke up with the same amount of excitement and so much more love because I get to spend every day with you. Most importantly, I spend every day being loved by you. 

I love the way you rub your thumb across my face while we ride down the road. I love the way you sing at the top of your lungs with me in the car. I love how excited you get when we cook dinner together. I love how you take care of me daily. I love how you make simple things so fun. I love your forehead kisses. I love watching Hallmark Christmas movies with you. I love watching your eyes light up when you talk about your passions. I love your work ethic. I love the way you love me. I love you. 

Forever yours,

Here are a few of my favorite wedding pictures! 

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