The top 10 Things I’ve learned in 10 days

I have officially made it through my second week as a 2nd grade teacher and I am LOVING every minute! I have the sweetest kiddos, the most supportive staff, and I couldn’t have hand picked a better school to join. 

Being a first year teacher is HARD. You’re tired, overwhelmed, stressed, etc. you name it and I’ve felt it these past few weeks. Half of the time I feel like I’m winging it and half of the time I feel like I’m failing, but every single second I know I’m doing what I was born to do. I have laughed more than I ever have, been hugged more than I thought possible, and have felt a love that I didn’t even know existed. My heart is so full y’all.

So in honor of making it through 10 days of teaching, here’s a list of the top 10 things I’ve learned! 

1. You would be NOTHING without the help of your supportive staff. The custodians, front office ladies, cafeteria workers, etc. are all literal angels that are sent here to make your life SO MUCH easier. Love them hard.
2. Don’t forget to eat, or go to the bathroom, or drink water. Also always have snacks. 
3. A bandaid, a hug, a sticker, or a “fancy” pen can always save the day and make your munchkins so happy. 
4. ASK QUESTIONS. I used to be so nervous that I was asking a stupid question that was so obvious, but there are no stupid questions when you’re going through your first year. I bombard my team with questions about 100 times a day. 
5. Your team is your lifeline. They’ve done this, they get it and they are full of nothing but knowledge. I couldn’t have survived these past 10 days without them.
6. Listen with an open heart, always. One day it could be a coworker, or a concerned parent, or an upset child. Sometimes you can’t fix the problem, but it feels so much smaller after someone has heard it. (Find a good listener for you when you need it.) 
7. HAVE FUN. I dance with my kids all day long. I do the git up, floss, and (try) the schoop multiple times a day. I’m awful at it, but they love it. 
8. Remember why you’re here. Some days you wanna throw it in and others you feel like you’re changing the world - because you are. Remember the days you feel unstoppable on the days that feel impossible.
9. Make time for yourself AND your family. My husband has been a CHAMP during this adjustment period. I can’t remember the last time I cooked dinner or came home and wasn’t tired - bless him for loving me regardless. Self care is SO important but don’t forget the people who love you most. 
10. Your heart is going to be so full. Full of gratitude, excitement, laughter, new friends, and a love that I will never be able to describe. The first few days are so trying, but they will make you happier than you’ve ever known. 

Madison Rae 

Ps. Here’s a sneak peak of how we all will be spending our long weekend.

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