It was all worth it..

It is with tear filled eyes, so much gratitude, love, and excitement that I write these words: I am going to be teaching a class filled with 19 little second graders!! I am so excited to meet them, laugh with them, learn with them, and watch them grow! ❤️ 

The journey to get here has not been easy. These past few months have been filled with so much uncertainty about what was coming for me after college. I interviewed multiple times for different positions, was told “no” more times than I can count, and had days where I felt like having my own classroom would never happen for me. Constantly having people ask me and my husband “Have you heard anything?” or “Does she have a job yet?”, absolutely KILLED ME. It was so disheartening and made me feel like I was failing as aboth a wife and a  teacher. 

Then last week I went on an interview. An interview that started off so different from all the others I had gone on. I was so calm and felt right at home as soon as I walked through the doors. As I left I felt like everything up until that point made since. All the closed doors, the disappointment, and the tears were all worth it. As cheesy as it sounds, everything happens for a reason and looking back I can see that now, more than ever. 

 So this ones for you girlfriend! The one looking for their dream job, the girl trying to find love, the one struggling to love herself, or maybe for the one who’s at a crosswords and doesn’t know how to move foward. All the disappointment, the heartbreak, the tears, and the closed doors are happening for a reason. I promise you, it’s all going to be worth it in the end.  You’ll land that dream job, find all the love you deserve, have a confidence boost, and figure out your direction. Maybe it won’t happen when it fits your time line, but it’ll happen right when it’s supposed to. Always remember, I’m rooting for you! 

Madison Rae

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