Let's Do This!

Welcome to madisonraefloyd.com! Wow, that's so weird to say.

Blogging has been something I have dreamt about for SO long and I am finally feeling confident enough to take the leap! I always thought that I would have to be a size 2, blonde, and absolutely gorgeous to do this and be taken seriously. Those types of girls were all I saw on television, in movies, and in magazines when I was young. But I could not have been more wrong! The world needs more curvy girls represented in media, just like they need the women who wear a size 2 represented.  

I can't help but imagine how much more self confidence I would have had during middle and high school, if I saw someone who looked like me instead of those girls. Something I have come to realize since then is that being a size 16 doesn't make me less than the girl who wears a size 2. Just like she's not more than me simply because she has blonde hair and I have red hair.  Accepting this is something I have struggled with for a long time. I am finally in a place where I don't worry about what everyone else is thinking of me while I'm at the beach in a bathing suit. (Newsflash, they probably haven't even noticed me and they probably aren't looking at you either girlfriend!)

I want to start this blog and make it a place for girls and women to come and feel confident in their appearance, their lifestyles, and their dreams. I love affordable fashion, home decor (Homegoods lovers where you at?!), and beauty products. I wanna share all of those amazing finds with y'all, but also share so much more of myself with you too! I hope this little spot on the internet can be a place where we all come together and find ourselves feeling more confident. That might be by finding a cute new outfit, a new idea for home decor, or maybe you just need a pick me up and wanna laugh at my chaotic life. Which is totally okay by the way, I laugh at myself ALL THE TIME! 

I am so out of my comfort zone starting this journey and I hope that you one day step out of your comfort zone to chase your dreams, whatever that dream may be! So let's start this journey together girl! Follow along with me as I take on my first year of marriage, my post-grad life, and my body positive journey. I hope you find the confidence you have always had, you step out of your comfort zone, and maybe you find some cute clothes along the way, hehe! 

Madison Rae

Madison Rae Floyd